The Story of CHRISTMAS

The story of Christmas – of the virgin birth, a mother and child, a #birth in a manger, of the visit of the Shepherds and the Epiphany – connects deeply the fabrics of my root, faith and vocation.

I’m always in awe when I reflect on the story of annunciation to Mary, a betrothed virgin who was brave to accept the salutation of an unknown angel despite being aware of the attendant punishment of such pregnancy according to the law of Moses.

I think of the man Joseph – a Noble man of the house of David, the root of Jesse – who braved all odds to accept the concept of immaculate conception.

I think of the hospitality of the owner of the stable – who thought outside the box – to offer all he had left.

I think of the manger birth – an unkind place to have a birth; yet the kindest place to give the cleanest birth that changed the course and cause of humanity.

Finally, as a Judeo-Christian, I think of the connections and the fulfilment of all prophecies concerning the virgin birth – the birth of JESUS CHRIST the messiah. “For unto us a child is born…”

Merry Christmas 🎄

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