Exactly a year today, I had the honour of walking down the podium to receive a certificate for a PhD in Medicine – Clinical Epidemiology

It was a culmination of intense 2.5yrs of research in the area of my passion – Clinical/Database Epidemiology.

While I remain eternally grateful to the Commonwealth who opened my way by granting me a scholarship for my 2nd Masters in Applied Epidemiology, I am indebted to the University of Nottingham for my PhD scholarship which came just 8 months into my MSc course.

Today, I think more of the power of mentorship – a force which transformed a poor fatherless lad roaming the villages in Africa, only armed with his passion.

I remember my supervisors – Richard and Is – who didn’t see me as a student but as a fellow colleague to be mentored and given all needed platforms to excel.

Through them, I had 10 publications from thesis before defence; finished in record 2.5years, won nomination for the BEST research in Type 2 Diabetes in UK; and stood on many international scientific platforms to share not just my research but my story – a testimony of triumph.

They are the only men I will think of today.

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