R.A.N.T.I.N.G. 101 – You know my name

There is piece I read up either here or on linked in last year. I was thrilled by the wonderful CV of someone, I guess, a lady, who to me seemed to have achieved quite a lot. 

On that CV, this wonderful lady had about 5 Masters and 6 PhD degrees in a short space of 4-5 years alongside a beautiful work career in best organisations globally. 

I had goose bumps and I took time, not only to read that CV but to explore how feasible it was to achieve such an enviable feat. 

It later dawned on me that this lady had kept a CV of all her failures in life, side-by-side that of her success.

It made me appreciate her journey and the gold she had become. It made me not only love the product but the process – the painful rigour of mining, extraction, purification and refining and moulding – albeit, very painful and rigorous.

As I compared both CVs, her degrees made more sense to me. I saw tenacity and a solid sense of purpose and direction. 

Today, I reflect on my own life. I regret not keeping a similar CV earlier in my life. 

I recall that the letter for my master degree scholarship abroad was preceded by 16 rejection letters. 

I also recall that wise saying I nicked from someone’s dp (in the yore days of blackberry which cast better to me thus: 

“You know my name, but not my story. You know what I am, but not what I’ve been through”

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